Bitcoin Wizards

What does it mean to be a Bitcoin Wizard?

The term "Bitcoin Wizard" is open to interpretation. Some of these Bitcoin Wizards build free tools for the masses to use Bitcoin, protecting their privacy, enhancing their security, and maintaining the freedom and self-soverignity of the users. Other Bitcoin Wizards educate the masses about pre-mined Shitcoin scams, such as fiat currencies, and the debt slavery system known as fractional reserve banking, and teach people about Bitcoin. Every Bitcoin Wizard contributes to Bitcoin in their own unique way.

Who decides the list of Bitcoin Wizards?

In a way, this list is collectively decided by the entire Bitcoin community. This site utilizes graph theory, clustering analysis, and other algorithms to identify and curate its list of Bitcoin Wizards from the Bitcoin community on Twitter. Each day it imports data from about "who follows who" and obtains everyone's Bitcoin cluster score. Our proprietary Bitcoiner-to-Shitcoiner algorithm is further applied to identify the wizards who contribute the most to Bitcoin and not to other Shitcoins.

What are the colors and levels of Bitcoin Wizards?

After the above analysis is completed, this site assigns a color and level to each Bitcoin Wizard, if they meet the strict criteria for inclusion in the list. The color represents their purity, and their level represents the strength of their following.